Mass Times

4:00 pm ~ Immaculate Conception, Creede
5:00 pm ~ St. Joseph, Monte Vista
5:30 pm ~ Holy Family, South Fork
8:00 am ~ Holy Name of Mary, Del Norte
8:00 am ~ St. Agnes, Saguache
10:00 am ~ St. Joseph, Monte Vista
10:00 am (Eng) ~ St. Francis Jerome, Center
12:00 pm (Span) ~ St. Francis Jerome, Center 

7:00 am (Word Communion) ~ St. Joseph, Monte Vista

5:00 pm ~ St. Joseph, Monte Vista
5:00 pm ~ Holy Name of Mary, Del Norte
7:00 am ~ St. Joseph, Monte Vista
7:00 am ~ St. Francis Jerome, Center

7:00 am ~ St. Joseph, Monte Vista
12:00 pm ~ St. Francis Jerome, Center

7:00 am ~ Holy Name of Mary, Del Norte
7:00 am (Word Communion) ~ St. Francis Jerome, Center
5:00 pm ~ St. Joseph, Monte Vista                          

Trip to Medjugorje

Catholic Journeys invites you on a 9 day pilgrimage to Medjugorje from May 31st-June 8th 2016. Fr. Larry Solan from Colo. Springs will be out priest. He will be celebrating his 36th Anniversary on June 7th in Medjugorje. Contact Barbara Moulds @ 852-2807 for further information.

San Jose


La Iglesia de San Jose was built in Agua Ramon in 1926 by the people of the community.  Prior to this time the people had only the Morada of Los Hermanos de Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazereno which was established when the people settled in Agua Ramon, Colorado in the late 1800's to the early 1900's where they would have their services.  Priests were not available so they practiced their faith within their Morada. 

Most of these families were from the Spaniard families who had settled in New Spain, now New Mexico, in the late 1500's as part of the expeditions of the Conquistadores.  With them they brought the tradition of Las Estaciones, VIA-Crucis and la Cofradia de Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno.  To this day they have kept their traditional ways fo praying the stations of the cross and singing the alabados (hymns) that have been handed down to them by their ancestors of Spain.

Permission was granted by the Bishop of Amalia, County of Taos, New Mexico to a group of women in the Agua Ramon area to organize The Cofradia de San Antonio de Padua with the help of Padre Jose Ruensa.  They are the third order of Franciscan laypeople known as Las Paduanas de San Antonio de Padua which was established in 1926. 

Since the beginning of the cofriadas the Hermanos and Hermanas have carried on the traditions of praying The Stations of The Cross every Holy Week.  They meet at their Morada and Oratorio, where they host retreats on Holy Wednesday, Holy Thursday and Good Friday, and walk in procession to the church where the Stations and Rosary are prayed.  Mass is also celebrated yearly at this beatiful historical mission for The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows (Sept) and for The Feast of St. Anthony of Padua (mid June).

Information obtained from: Ida Trujillo- Parishioner




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